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Peri and Billy McCulloch founded Apollo Inspections in 2002. Peri, Billy, and their team of qualified inspectors have provided excellent service to many thousand of inspections that they’ve performed since. The duo has more than 40 years in construction, so you can trust that they know everything about houses!

Certified Home Inspectors Peri And Billy McCulloch

Peri & Billy’s Background

Apollo Inspection’s roots come from a restoration company owned by Peri and Billy where they responded to incidents of all kinds from a neighbor’s tree falling on a roof, to fires, and floods. They checked out the conditions, created an estimate, and oversaw all repairs. Repairs done properly never scare them. Having this background gives them both a keen eye when looking at properties, so you can trust they know houses.

They also used to serve as a distributor for International Windows. With 40+ years of construction, they moved from framing from the ground up, customer service, land development, and custom home builders. In each of these areas, they bring a balanced and trained eye that’s accompanied by an abundance of experience.

They decided to make the leap to home inspecting because they thought it would be a natural fit with their background. They now love everything about inspecting, especially the challenges and meeting new people.


Apollo Inspections has grown to become a team of highly qualified and licensed inspectors.  Our team includes Kevin proctor, Joey Walter, Leonard Marshall and Alex Nobles, as well as our office manager, Debbie.

Peri McCulloch

Peri McCulloch’s diverse background includes real estate, construction, owner of a commercial cleaning company, and co-owner of a restoration company where she learned to evaluate damage and oversee repairs. This breathe of experience contributed to her ability to excel as a home inspector.

In 2002 she married her professional backgrounds and became a certified home inspector. In 2004 she opened Apollo Inspections and has grown the business into a local industry leader with a team of six inspectors and a network of realtors that can only be created with nearly twenty years of experience.   

Peri loves the home inspection industry because of the interaction she has with the homebuyers. She enjoys teaching them about what is important about their new property and how to maintain their most important financial decision. Every day its something new. The education is never ending.

Peri is also a legal secretary with an extensive background within the legal system. 

Billy McCulloch

Billy started his professional career in the construction industry, first as a laborer, working his way through the construction process, including framer, customer service, and superintendent before settling into land development and high end custom homes. His knowledge of how each piece of the construction process fits together has made a tremendous impact on his ability to be a top shelf home inspector. 

In 2002 he became a certified inspector. Nearly two decades later, he helps lead one of the most respected inspection companies in the Las Vegas valley.

Of all the inspections he has completed two remain ingrained in his memory. He had found a stolen purse on the roof top of a home during an inspection. Not just any purse. The owner of the purse was also the owner of another home in the neighborhood. A home he had inspected before. One purse. Two homes. Two happy homeowners.

Kevin Proctor

Kevin Proctor was an accomplished handyman before becoming a licensed home inspector and joining the Apollo team.  Prior to becoming an inspector, he worked with his father as a technician for Xerox.  As a technician he learned to thoroughly review a project before making recommendations.  A trait he has relied upon as an inspector.

Kevin finds inspecting homes to be rewarding as he provides peace of mind for people who are often making the biggest investments of their lives.

Joe Walter

Joseph (Joe) Walter came to Las Vegas after studying mechanical engineering in North Carolina, where he also worked on motors for dragsters.  Upon moving to our valley, he started a handyman business where he learned a great deal about how homes, and their systems are built.  His background enabled Joe to become one of the first in his class to get licensed in the state of Nevada.

Joe enjoys the home inspection industry because he gets to see the wide variety of houses and communities in the Las Vegas valley, and meet the different types of people who live in them.

Once Joe approached a house for an inspection and noted the decorative lizards outside the home.  Only after he went outside to inspect the air conditioning unit did he realize the chuckwallas were real.

Alex Nobles

Alex Nobles started his career in commercial architecture, a field very related to home inspections because a building would need to be assessed before designs could begin for renovations or expansions.  In 2019 he began inspecting homes and quickly found similarities between commercial and residential assessments.  Combined he has more than fifteen years of experience. 

Alex enjoys home inspections because they are different every time.  Each home has a different builder, different remodelers and even different owners who have adapted the buildings to make them their own.  This makes each and every inspection unique.

This holds particularly true for a Boulder City home built in 1930.  It’s the only home he has ever seen with a hatch I the wall for the milkman to deliver his product.

Lenny Marshall

Leonard (Lenny) Marshall is a retired police officer, Lenny has adapted his experience in law enforcement, putting his observation skills to the test.  He particularly enjoys putting his years of handyman skills to use as he investigates each home. While he hasn’t seen anything in the field as interesting as during his Metro days, he has prepared himself for the exciting world of home inspections.

Industry Tools

When we inspect your future home, we’ll also use a variety of high-tech industry tools. This will ensure that we find all the pros and cons of your house. If you join us for the walkthrough (and you’re fully encouraged to!), you may see us use:

Thermal Imaging – This popular tool allows us to find heat loss, along with seeing through your walls to identify leaks, lack of insulation, and more.

Moisture Meter – With a moisture meter, we’re able to track down accumulations of moisture and mold throughout the house.

Spectascope – Safety is our top priority. That’s why we invested in a spectascope. From the ground, we can take pictures of the roof to determine exactly what condition it is in.

Thermal Imaging Moisture Inspection With Certified Home Inspectors Peri And Billy McCulloch

Our Service Area

Apollo Inspections proudly serves all of Clark County, including Las Vegas, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Summerlin, and the surrounding areas of Boulder city, Logandale, Overton, Mesquite, and Mount Charleston.